Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Ramp Up the Fun Factor
Baby shower decoration ideas can be as simple as balloons and streamers, or very elaborate depending upon your budget, shower theme, and your energy.

Before deciding upon decorations you need to have the budget, shower theme, and the location already decided upon. You will want to select baby shower decorations that go with your theme and shower colors. By knowing your location, you’ll be able to decide how much space you can devote to decorating. And of course, by using a budget, you won’t blow everything on decorations and not have enough for cake.

You can purchase baby shower decorations online or you can create your own. Or do a little of both. Below I have listed some cute ideas that you can pick and choose from like a smorgasbord. Grand home designs also offers some great ideas.

For the most basic baby shower decorations the following are recommended. The basics are not expensive. You can add other décor to really personalize the shower. As you can see below, there really isn’t much you need in order to throw a great baby shower.Baby Shower Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are cheap and come in every color in the rainbow. Buy two colors that match your baby shower theme. If you only have one color, pick white for your second color. Put the two colors together.